Anti-static special floor

Anti-static special floor

 Anti-static special floor

In European and American countries, the application of environmentally friendly linen flooring is very common, such as homes, hospitals, museums, schools, offices, shopping malls and other fields. Durable, more than 100 years of production history has ensured the successful use of environmentally friendly flax floor materials in various fields around the world.


1. - PUR+Matte surface treatment, easy to clean

2.Matte surface, fully transparent wear-resistant layer

3.Sound absorption and noise reduction, elastic foot feel, very comfortable

4.Unique back layer texture, good ground adhesion, easy to install


Product advantages

1.Special patent, PUR+ special maintenance treatment, dirt-resistant and easy to clean. The matte surface, with four chamfered designs, has an outstanding three-dimensional texture, and the texture is realistic and more fashionable and natural.

2.100% original longitudinal locking system, the pulling force is multiple times that of the traditional buckle shape; it can effectively prevent moisture from returning to the surface through the locking gap; saving 30% of installation time; easy to repair and replace, saving labor and material.

3.The raw materials are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. It has passed many European and American authoritative environmental protection certifications. It has zero formaldehyde, no heavy metals and other harmful substances to the human body. The TVOC emissions are many times lower than the EU standards, ensuring good indoor air quality.

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