Gerflor Effinidi EL7

In European and American countries, environmentally friendly linen flooring is very common, such as homes, hospitals, museums, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, etc. Durable: more than 100 years of production history guarantees the successful use of flax environmental protection flooring in various fields around the world, and has many engineering cases that have been used for more than 40 years.

  Geflor Linen Floor  COLORETTE 2.5 PUR


  • PUR special maintenance treatment

  • Calendering process, homogeneous and transparent single-layer linen floor

  • jute back layer


Natural Linen Flooring

Contains 98% natural organic matter and mineral composition

Contains 80% renewable materials

Contains 40% recycled materials

Has a number of environmental protection labels

19 colors

Flax eco-friendly flooring is made from renewable and pure natural raw materials: linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, jute and environmentally friendly pigments. The energy consumption of harvesting or extracting these raw materials is very small.

Linseed oil

Extracted from flax seeds, it is the most important raw material in flax environmental protection floor (the name of flax environmental protection floor is also derived from this). For many years, flaxseed oil has been used in everything from cooking oil to quick relief for colds and colds.


Derived from pine trees, the extraction method used does not harm the growth of the pine trees. As a binder for flax environmental protection floor, together with linseed oil, it gives flax environmental protection floor a unique strength and toughness.

wood flour

It is used in linen eco-friendly floors because of its unique pigment-absorbing properties, which give linen eco-friendly floors a beautiful color and ensure long-term color fastness. Finely milled wood flour also provides a particularly smooth surface, making linen eco-friendly floors very easy to clean. The wood flour we use is processed from wood from renewable forest areas, where for every tree felled, a new tree is planted in situ.


All over the world, with huge reserves, the finely ground limestone powder is an important raw material for the production of linen environmentally friendly flooring.


The bright, beautiful colors of our linoleum floors are created with environmentally friendly organic pigments that do not contain heavy metals (such as lead or cadmium) or other harmful substances, and have no impact on the environment.

jute fiber

Spun from jute plants grown in India and Bangladesh, we preferred it as a backing for our products because of its naturalness. At the same time this is not only because there is a renewable and abundant jute plant as a source, but also provides important export opportunities for these developing countries.







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